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Your donation to Just Off Broadway, Inc., a 501(c)3 organization,
helps us provide the outstanding productions
to our patrons here in the Hudson Valley.
Ticket sales cover less than 50% of our production expenses: licensing agreements with the composers/authors, musicians, costume rental, lighting rental, scenery construction, printing, as well as the monthly overhead of heat/air conditioning, electricity, telephone and internet, in maintaining our
99-seat performance space.
Thank you for your continued support to bring great musicals and great theatre to the Greater Hudson Valley!

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Just Off Broadway, Inc., is a 501(c) (3) not-for-profit corporation, producing live entertainment in a professionally-enhanced theatre setting at The Theatre at the Historic West Shore Station in Newburgh, New York.

Just Off Broadway, Inc. produces their Seasons of plays and musicals, Concert Series, Theatre for Young Audiences, and Special Events at the Theatre at West Shore Station on the historic Hudson River Waterfront in Newburgh, New York. Just Off Broadway, Inc. also offers classes, seminars, and workshops at The Just Off Broadway Professional Theatrical Academy.

Utilizing the vast talent from the local area and surrounding regions, as well as professionals from Broadway, television, and film, Just Off Broadway, Inc. creates a unique and exciting performance and educational experience for the ever-growing population of the Greater Hudson Valley.

Just Off Broadway, Inc. was established in 1986 in Newburgh, NY, for the purpose of bringing quality and affordable live theatre to Newburgh and the surrounding communities. It operated under the name Heritage Entertainment until the name was changed and its not-for-profit status granted in 1988. Over 70 musicals, plays, new works, readings, classes, seminars, and special events were produced while operating out of the 195-seat Mandel’s Grand Street Theatre in Newburgh, NY.

Since theatre impacts our lives in so many intangible ways, the mission of Just Off Broadway, Inc. is to offer the residents of the community and visitors to the area a full range of professional quality theatre and entertainment at an affordable price. In achieving this mission, we strive to produce a mixture of classics, contemporary and new plays, musicals, theatre for young audiences, concerts and special events, including thought-provoking, and socially relevant works.

The Just Off Broadway, Inc. Professional Theatrical Academy embraces the findings by the President’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities, Champions of Change: The Impact of Arts on Learning, which found that learners can attain higher levels of achievement using the arts as a tool. Learning through the arts can actually “level the playing field” for youngsters from disadvantaged circumstances.

The Academy will accept all students at all levels and will strive to give them a healthy, supportive, and exciting arena in which to stretch and expand their studies, helping them to achieve a vision of success for their future, no matter their career choice.

  • Let us know who you are! Please send us your resume, website, and any other pertinent information to:

            We even have a snail mail address:

            Just Off Broadway, Inc.
            P.O. Box 4557
            New Windsor, NY 12553

            If you would like to submit a picture & resume or a design          portfolio, please send all inquires to:

            The Romanutti Agency
            P.O. Box 306
            New York, NY 10040

            Attn: Just Off Broadway Casting


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Joyce A. Presutti
Executive Artistic Director

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